About us


Technicalities of Bankencrypt

Bankencrypt idealizes the concept of trading, lending, and borrowing, irrespective of the interference of middlemen. The decentralized banking ecosystem enables advanced levels of security and transparent transactions at every step. Rotation of funds, distribution in ICOs, and fundraising are the expertise of Bankencrypt. We also assist with the feature of proof of staking, which ensures a strong relationship and bond with the user.

Our Ideologies and Perceptions

We are leading the way in the objective of effortless transactions and ease in the process of borrowing and lending, with no involvement of middlemen, while assuring elevated rates of interest and high returns on investments for every individual.
Bankencrypt's administration and organization perform their activities and strategies with decentralized banking, resulting in secured and extremely fast transaction speeds with multi-level verifications. Decentralization of the bank also leads towards transparency in transactions and record-keeping.
With our multiple features, we also provide the facility of holding investments over an adjustable period of time, depending upon the user's preferences. Users can have complete control over their holdings and can track every movement of their capital. They are also provided with the flexibility to divert their funds at any given instance.
Stepping towards success with Bankencrypt, users can also accumulate their capital in startups and growing sectors in the market. They are guided by experts in the investing department at Bankencrypt, and their actions are regularly monitored, indicating the best course of action according to the market flow.

Pillars of Strength

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No Middle Man

Investing and moderating your capital with Bankencrypt eliminates the need for middlemen in transactions and processes, leading to efficient investing. It develops a direct connection and improvises the guidance from experts.

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Rate of Exchange

In this marketplace, Bankencrypt assures the most elevated rates of interest, assisting with easy transactions and processes. Separating the middlemen from the process optimizes returns on investments and interest rates.

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Intangible Ecosystem

The Bankencrypt portal and ecosystem are designed in a way that users encounter a user-friendly interface, easily operable by any segment of users. We also provide 24-hour guidelines and support for our users.